Mexico’s Secret Seabirds

There are few birds that are as charismatic and endearing as the blue-footed boobies of Isla Isabel off Mexico’s pacific coast. But it’s not just the boobies that call this place home. Journey with James as he explores the rich birdlife of this place that has been aptly named Mexico’s Galapagos. We meet one of Mexico’s top chefs, Betty Vasquez, and she explains how the blue-footed boobies of Isla Isabel have shaped her culinary career. 

Winter Wolves

Yellowstone National Park is the oldest national park in the world and features dramatic landscapes and renowned North American wildlife species like bison, moose, grizzly bears and, perhaps the most iconic of all, the gray wolf. Journey with James as he explores this historic landscape and learns from biologist and legendary wolf tracker, Nathan Varley, about the reintroduction of wolves after an absence of over 60 years.

Song of the Whale

There are few animals on earth as mysterious and charismatic as humpback whales.

Join the AWC crew as we journey down to the idyllic Riviera Nayarit coastline to commune with whales and whale ecotourism guide Javier Alvarez.

James Currie, an award-winning wildlife TV host, presents nature in a way that is refreshing and exciting.

View the natural world through the lens of wildlife cinematographer Josh Liberman, whose daring style bridges the gap between travel show and wildlife documentary.

Thanks to Nikon binoculars and optics, A WILD Connection brings the splendor of the world’s wildlife to the comfort of your home or mobile device.