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Guyana - An Adventure in Birding with James Currie

Recently, the International Birding Authority, James Currie, was in Guyana for a true birding adventure…

How is Guyana different from other Eco-Tourism spots?

Over several days, Josh wore camouflage clothing and covered himself with a blind in anticipation of capturing new footage of river otters’ behavior. “

RWANDA - More Than Gorillas

“How much can we learn from this tiny country that has risen from the devastation of genocide to show the world how to handle a global pandemic effectively?”

10,000 Birds Blog

Guyana is WILD. I mean truly WILD. Over 80% of the country is still covered in primary rainforest…

The Wall Street Journal

“James Currie, host of ‘A WILD Connection,’ says he has seen more than 4,100 avian species, roughly 40% of the known birds on earth.”

Vallarta Lifestyles



“Josh Liberman | Director, Filmmaker & Editor”

The Great Courses Daily

“Backyard Birding on the Rise Amid Safer-at-Home Measures.”

VoyageMIA Magazine

“Jump in the water with Josh Liberman.”

The Palm Beach Post

“A WILD Connection host James Currie not your stereotypical nerdy birder.”

South Florida Arts News and Review

“Local photographer Josh Liberman focuses on nature.”

The Palm Beach Post

“Lake Worth’s James Currie is a star among bird-watchers.”

California Audubon Society

“James Currie puts the adventure in birding.”

The Wall Street Journal

“Birder James Currie almost missed his first-born’s birth while pursuing a rare bird in South Africa.”


“An interview with James Currie.”

American Birding Association

“James Currie on Rogitama Hummingbird in Colombia: Lost Relic or No?”

Bird Calls Radio

“A conversation with avian expert James Currie.”

James Currie, an award-winning wildlife TV host, presents nature in a way that is refreshing and exciting.

View the natural world through the lens of wildlife cinematographer Josh Liberman, whose daring style bridges the gap between travel show and wildlife documentary.

Thanks to Nikon binoculars and optics, A WILD Connection brings the splendor of the world’s wildlife to the comfort of your home or mobile device.