James Currie

James Currie

Host, Producer


A life-long wildlife enthusiast and native of South Africa, James Currie is fast-becoming one of the most recognizable faces in wildlife in North America. James hosted and produced the popular birding TV show, Nikon’s Birding Adventures that aired for 10 seasons on the NBC Sports Network and Discovery Channel’s Destination America. He also hosted the popular action-birding show “Aerial Assassins” on National Geographic WILD, aired worldwide in 2012 and appeared as himself in the reality birding show, “Twitchers” that aired on the National Geographic Channel in 2014.

He has led professional wildlife and birding tours for over 20 years, and his passion for wildlife, adventure, and remote cultures has taken him to nearly every corner of the globe. James has appeared as a special guest on various TV shows and radio, including Martha Stewart Radio, and WGN and has been the subject of several newspaper articles including the Wall Street Journal, The Palm Beach Post and the Orlando Sentinel. James filmed for, consulted for and provided footage for the 2011 Hollywood birding movie,“The BigYear”, starring Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson.

Josh Liberman

Josh Liberman

Director, Filmmaker, Editor

Growing up in Florida, Josh Liberman developed an early bond with the ocean, which explains why he now thrives while underwater with a camera in-hand.  He attended the University of Miami where he received a B.S. in Biology.  After graduating, Josh focused on connecting people to the environment through digital media.  He started his career by volunteering as a photographer with the University of Miami Shark Research and Conservation Program. Two years and 50 expeditions later, he knew he had found his calling.

At just 27 years old, Josh has traveled and worked in over 35 countries across 6 continents, partnering with prominent global brands and organizations to help communicate their vision.  He has sailed across the Atlantic Ocean, hung out of airplanes to photograph great white sharks, and produced conservation-focused art shows in Miami.

Josh has worked with Instagram, Nikon, Discovery Channel, Sandals Resorts, Creative Drive, Freestyle Watches, the University of Miami, Global Expeditions Group, Beneath the Waves, and many more.  His commercial work can be found on his website.  You can also read a recent interview.

Liv Williamson

Liv Williamson

Field Producer, Scientific Advisor


Having grown up exploring the rocky shores, wetlands, and forests of coastal New England, Liv Williamson has been fascinated by wildlife and wild places since childhood. Now at 25, she is focusing her career on conserving endangered animals and ecosystems and hopes to inspire others to do the same.

Liv is a Ph.D. candidate studying marine biology and ecology at the University of Miami. As a Coral Reef Futures Lab member, she tests intervention strategies to boost coral resilience in the face of climate change, applying her findings to reef restoration efforts in Florida and beyond.

Liv is committed to education and outreach, always seeking ways to engage members of the public in STEM and conservation. By leading citizen science expeditions, giving public presentations and workshops, and creating visual media, she aims to share her passion for the natural world with the next generation of environmental stewards.
Learn more about Liv by visiting her website.


John Cline

John Cline

Creative Media Intern


Originally from St. Louis, John was first drawn to nature while rambling through national parks between the Midwest and West Coast. After moving to Florida for college in 2014, his wild connections eventually grew to include all things aquatic. 

John holds a B.S. from the University of Miami and is currently pursuing a graduate degree at the Rosenstiel School for Marine and Atmospheric Sciences. After graduating, John plans to continue an early career in visual storytelling concentrated on exploration and conservation. 

To date, John has been a part of a number of exciting projects including camera trapping endangered Florida panthers in the Everglades, filming hammerhead sharks in Biscayne Bay, and mapping historic shipwrecks off the Florida Keys. He joined our team in the spring of 2021 and is stoked to help share nature with you! When John isn’t running around with a camera, you can most likely find him diving, climbing, on the trail, or mixing up something spicy in the kitchen. 

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