Tembe Elephant Park Camera 

Tembe Elephant Park offers intimate encounters with some of the largest elephants in Africa. The 300 square kilometer reserve, located in the Republic of South Africa between Kwa-Zulu Natal and Mozambique, is the ancestral home of the Tembe tribe who own and co-manage both the Park and the Tembe Elephant Lodge.

Coral City Camera 

The Coral City Camera is an underwater camera streaming live from an urban coral reef in Miami, Florida. The CCC is a public art and scientific research project by Coral Morphologic produced with Bridge Initiative and Bas Fisher Invitational.

Naledi Dam Camera

This camera is set on the banks of the mighty Olifants river, near the Naledi Game Lodge. This river is a tributary of the Limpopo river. Crocodile and hippos are regularly seen in the river while elephant and giraffe are seen grazing on the banks and crossing the river. Other animal which frequent this camera are baboons, waterbuck, bushbuck, impalas, storks, herons and owls can also be seen foraging along the banks.

 Tau Waterhole Camera

Tau is situated in the Madikwe Game Reserve, the 4th largest game reserve in South Africa. It was created in 1991 from 75,000 ha of farmland.  Thanks to a government-sponsored, biggest-ever game relocation program in Africa, over 10,000 individuals from twenty-seven major species now roam this reserve.

Burrowing Owl Camera

EarthCam has teamed up with Birding AdventuresSouth Florida Audubon Society, NatureScape Broward and the School Board of Broward County to deliver a unique look at a Burrowing Owl colony.

James Currie, an award-winning wildlife TV host, presents nature in a way that is refreshing and exciting.

View the natural world through the lens of wildlife cinematographer Josh Liberman, whose daring style bridges the gap between travel show and wildlife documentary.

Thanks to Nikon binoculars and optics, A WILD Connection brings the splendor of the world’s wildlife to the comfort of your home or mobile device.